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 Magazine "» № 7-2011 on sale from June 23

Valeria: philosophy family
Valery - the only singer in the history of Russian pop, awarded the honor to appear on the cover of the authoritative American music magazine Billboard - a lot of work. Numerous tours, shooting, working in the recording studio, - on all find the time?

Courses of preparation for the birth of the Internet
The need to prepare for childbirth is obvious to all. But not always the expectant mother is able and willing to attend training courses for childbirth - far from uncomfortable, your doctor has prescribed bed rest, etc. But now there is a way! In order to deal with the school preparation for childbirth, you can not even leave the house! Computer and internet access - everything you need, because there was a "School Rodov online" - an online training courses for childbirth. It is not webinars, meaning you are not tied to a specific time and do at any time, when it is convenient. The program is scheduled for 4 and 6 weeks of classes - of your choice. There's even a course of preparation for childbirth, "Only for dads." Judging by the reviews dealing with online training in these courses is not only effective, but also enjoyable. All details you can find on the site "School Rodov online» -

Moscow maternity hospital number 15, recently celebrated 70th anniversary
Excursion eyes Tutty Larsen

Hello, new universe! Extract the 17th hospital
Extract - one of the most emotional events in each family. No matter how many times agitated husband neither came for his wife and child, every time it is a joy, mixed with excitement and pride. "Dad, take the baby! "

Fizkult hi
Experienced coaches children's online fitness World Class clubs know how to compile a program of studies that they bring maximum benefit and not bored kid.

Unique bike ZOO from the company Smart-Trike ™ is able to grow along with the baby! ZOO is easily converted from a very safe and convenient bicycle wheelchairs in tricycle

Why children zazhmurivayas and screaming, clinging to the armrests, stubbornly watching scary movies? What, holding hands, dark night to the sound of branches on the roof, down to the gloomy basement, and it is absolutely clear - what stretch touch wand nasty spider. After all, it's so scary!

Two of a Kind
Health and Beauty legs of our children depend directly on the shoe they wear. And the question of how not to be mistaken with a choice botinochek shoes and begins to worry the parents from the moment when the baby takes its first steps.

Museum of entertaining science "Eksperimentanium"
There just are no museums in Moscow today! The other day, traveling across the expanses of the Internet, I found boots and Museum, and Museum of the History of Russian vodka, cognac and History Museum, and the Museum of the holiday package. However, not every outstanding museum can come as a family, with children.

Save time: tips Anastasia Grebenkina
The life of a professional figure skater Anastasia Grebenkina full of variety. She is young, beautiful and successful. In addition to his sports career, Nastia time to realize themselves in other roles: actress, designer, radio presenter and of course the caring mother and loving wife. Her first-born son Ivan in July will turn one year old. Family life is full of trouble Nasty and jealous work and creativity make no allowance for the upbringing of the child.

Perfect Pregnancy
Have you noticed how beautiful pregnant woman? Smooth motion, an enigmatic smile, unusually in-depth look and a children's vulnerability.

Travel to Siam
Those who have never been in a fantastic and Thailand have not tried Thai food, but always dreamed about it, it is necessary to look into the restaurant "Thai Elephant".

Why is the age of "pochemuchek"?
In three years the crumbs comes another age crisis. The child, who had previously been very closely associated with his mother and does not segregate themselves into an independent person suddenly begins to show its own "I". For three years he formed the will, it requires independence (including in decision-making), capricious, if not out of it, or when parents watch over his excessively. Simultaneously, there is a sharp jump in speech development: the baby is ready to communicate.

It does not just pregnancy
On the pages of our magazine, we regularly talk about the charity project "I am not alone." It is designed to help pregnant and recently delivered women who find themselves in a difficult situation. Psychologists call these moms "crisis." These are: minors, pregnant women with financial and psychological difficulties, faced with domestic violence, mothers of many children. Often it is a question of financial assistance to them, as an ordinary human participation, which is lacking in our lives - to help with the baby for a walk, take him to the clinic, to support in a difficult situation, etc. The basis of the project "I'm not one» ( - about 30 women. We continue to acquaint you with the fate of some of them.

Also in the room : Consulting obstetrician-gynecologist, a psychologist, a pediatrician, an overview of shops, Internet sites, company news and events, ranking the capital's best cafes where you can eat ice cream, announcements of children. performances, horoscope column Kitchen and close up.

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Author: Julia Gnedina