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Jan Laputina history of a lifetime
Jan Laputina - one of the most beautiful Russian television presenters, a recognized expert in the field of beauty and plastic surgery. She writes books for women and is relevant and interesting shows. Her main dream - to open a charitable foundation and a veterinary clinic; pet clothing - jeans, short skirts and heels; favorite colors - black and red; favorite writer - Vladimir Nabokov. June 18 Star TV "Home" for the first time became a mother. The wife of the famous plastic surgeon in Moscow Otari Gogiberidze birth to a daughter. Now, Ian begins to develop for themselves a completely new role. As the birth of a daughter changed the lives and passions of the beautiful TV presenter? This you will learn in an exclusive interview that Ian and Otari gave our magazine.

Stylish Pregnancy
Who believes that the pregnancy - not a good time to be proud of its beauty, dress up and show off, even on the most prestigious social events, forget it immediately! And take the example of other recognized style icons - famous actresses, models and singers that make pregnancy a holiday not only for themselves but also for others.

 Magazine "» № 10-2011 on sale from September 26
 Placenta praevia
Placenta - is an amazing organ. He appears only in the uterus during pregnancy, and on its functioning depends largely on how successful will be the period of pregnancy and how well a child will develop. It is important that the placenta is not only normal "working" and had the correct structure, but was located in the right place.

Prenatal amniorrhea
During pregnancy, the uterus fills a special fluid - the amniotic fluid. The name itself explains that this fluid surrounds the fetus. It is necessary to protect the growing baby from outside influences - bruising, crushing, hypothermia and overheating, protects it from viruses and bacteria. In addition, the presence of water allows the child to move freely enough that promotes proper development.

Calcium deficiency
Moms know that one child plus - minus one tooth. Now, however, this rule is somewhat out of date, but the fact remains that the need for calcium during pregnancy and feeding the baby grows. Calcium is necessary for fetal bone and tooth formation, nervous system, heart, muscles, he is involved in blood clotting, the development of the eyes and ears, hair and skin. Through the placenta to the fetus receives approximately 250-300 mg of calcium a day, which is about 1/5 the day of my mother's rules. Altogether during gestation in the body of the baby must accumulate 25 g of calcium - then in the neonatal period rickets crumbs will not terrible.

Affiliate birth
Increasingly, today we can hear the expression "a pregnant couple." More and more men realize that fathers do not become his wife after discharge from the hospital, but much earlier - at a time when their child is still in my mother's belly. Still more numerous are contracts for delivery in which one of the marked line items is "partnership."

Vain words
Sometimes the expectant mother seems that doctors speak a foreign language: incomprehensible terms only scare! However, during childbirth the main task of the doctor - to do their job, take maximum care for the birth mother and baby. A woman in labor to translate the meaning of words in the Russian medical doctor is not required to: sometimes it simply does not have time. The main thing - to midwives and sisters to understand him. For future moms as we'll have a brief educational program.

Childbirth at home ... surrounded by professionals
No matter how different people of the perfect birth, and the main condition sine qua non for all one thing remains: the absolute safety for the mother and baby. Therefore, the parents try to opt for a maternity hospital with highly qualified doctors, new equipment, the most modern methods and technologies. About the hospital of the future, we'll tell you the example of the Perinatal Medical Centre.

Jaundice in newborns
"Oh, and why it has become such a yellowish? "Pediatricians often hear this question from the young mothers. And reassuring them, they say that the infant physiological jaundice. This state is not really for the baby is in danger. However, staining the skin yellow and can be quite a serious symptom, but because of the child in any case it is necessary to see a specialist.

Besson Motherhood
Motherhood - a night vigil. Traditionally, the first year - the most difficult: the child at night crying, not only, but also eating, and writing, and even crawl, word, live their lives. And with him live his life and mother. Dream young mother becomes very sensitive, and it is caused by hormonal changes. But make sure you sleep uneasily? Can you think of anything, just a little to get enough sleep? This reasoning visitor's online forums for moms.

 Magazine "» № 10-2011 on sale from September 26
 Mixed feeding
The baby cries and is restless? He did not gaining weight? After feeding for a short time settling down, but after a little time and wakes up crying accepted? It is possible that my mother did not have enough milk and crumbs require additional power.

The secret charm of Olga Kokorekinoy
Olga Kokorekinu - a popular host of "News" on Channel - knows and loves the whole country. Every newscast with its participation always ends with good news - Olga knows how to build your broadcast so that free people from negative. In addition, it is not for a moment forget that is the face of the channel and, therefore, should always look perfect - in prime time and off-air. How did she do it?

 Magazine "» № 10-2011 on sale from September 26
 Recipes for immunity
All parents want their children to grow up strong and healthy. How is this achieved? Unfortunately, no single answer to this question. However, there are general guidelines to follow which allows you to get as close to the desired result. Today I invite you to become familiar with the basic components of a comprehensive approach to children's health, through which you can achieve good effect.

My beasts
Many people can not imagine life without our little brothers. But the long-awaited pregnancy often becomes the mistress of an unpleasant surprise for the dog or cat. Animals, as we may be jealous of "man 's cub," and are always ready to take him to his flock. And it's not the only problem: some animals suffer from the same diseases as humans. That is very bad for pregnant women, with physiologically immunocompromised.

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