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 Magazine "» № 7-2011v sale from 23 June 2011

Masha Malinovskaya, "I'll decide myself"
When the news of the pregnancy of the popular TV presenter, socialite and a desperate Heartbreakers Masha Malinovskaya ceased to be just a rumor and turned into facts, the film crew of the magazine began to prepare for a meeting with the star .  First held pleasant acquaintance on the phone, we discussed the details of the shooting, agreed to hold a photo shoot and interview, and only at the end of our conversation revealed one very interesting detail - until the end of pregnancy, Mary moved to Smolensk, and waiting for us to visit in this city .  The distance of 400 km are not scared "Childbirth . ru » .  Enlisting the support of good friends of our magazine - owners of boutique Bornsoon, early spring morning, we set off on a journey to communicate with Masha, firsthand to learn interesting details of her pregnancy, preparation for motherhood and sincerely wish pulmonary delivery .  Exclusive interview with "Childbirth . ru », which Mary gave a few weeks before birth .

 Magazine "» № 7-2011v sale from 23 June 2011

Courses of preparation for the birth of the Internet
The need to prepare for childbirth is obvious to all. But not always the expectant mother is able and willing to attend training courses for childbirth - far from uncomfortable, your doctor has prescribed bed rest, etc. But now there is a way! In order to deal with the school preparation for childbirth, you can not even leave the house! Computer and internet access - everything you need, because there was a "School Rodov online" - an online training courses for childbirth. It is not webinars, meaning you are not tied to a specific time and do at any time, when it is convenient. The program is scheduled for 4 and 6 weeks of classes - of your choice. There's even a course of preparation for childbirth, "Only for dads." Judging by the reviews dealing with online training in these courses is not only effective, but also enjoyable. All details you can find on the site "School Rodov online» -

You have to be twins!
Pregnancy with twins is full of surprises. Sometimes surprises await us, doctors. For example, according to the US at time of 5-6 weeks of gestation in the uterine cavity was visualized only one egg a month later revealed them there for two. The result bizigotnye twins, which can be both single and heterosexual.

 Magazine "» № 7-2011v sale from 23 June 2011
 City or country?
Well those expectant mothers who live surrounded by nature, fresh air - in the village, a country house or a small town, lost in the woods. Traditionally, much more useful for the mother to spend at least part of the pregnancy in the country, outside the city, in short, where the environmental situation poblagopriyatnee than in Moscow. But the conversation with trainees of training courses for childbirth Family Center "Zhemchuzhinka" showed that of the city life, there are many advantages.

Overweight and no harm kilograms
During pregnancy, the expectant mother, of course, gaining a certain amount of kilos - normally from 9 to 12. But almost all of these kilograms - "no harm", this includes the weight of the baby, placenta, amniotic fluid and all other organs and tissues, to ensure the full gestation and successful birth of a healthy baby. However, sometimes pregnant amenable own desires or advice wishers "eat for two" and acquires more than Zhirkov.

Belly - safe
Almost nothing of what I will be writing during my two pregnancies I did not use. Just because nothing like this in the days when I wore a her daughters, has not happened. It is a pity: as well as all future moms, I was terrified to cause discomfort in lumps, and, of course, have not regretted any money for another guarantee of safety and comfort for the unborn child.

 Magazine "» № 7-2011v sale from 23 June 2011
 7 maternity hobbies
Why do the expectant mother need something to occupy yourself during the decree? Obviously, in order to time flew faster. Yesterday she went to work, led an active life, run a fitness club ... And suddenly it all (of course, temporarily) ended. And, the next two months to stay at home? It's boring and sad. So, the stress hormones in the body of the pregnant woman is more than the happiness hormones. An urgent need to make up for the deficit, and the easiest way to do it, do what he likes for his own pleasure.

Deliveries from start to finish
Not much mistaken if I say that childbirth fear about three-quarters of all pregnant women. What most frightens? Uncertainty! If the expectant mother is not talking to the obstetrician-gynecologist and a psychologist, after reading reviews on the Internet, you do not expect from such delivery no good. Puerperas be squeezed, scared and not set up for serious work. Meanwhile childbirth - a solo concert for women, doctors and obstetricians in which play the role of supporting the orchestra.

Big problems of small men
During his long medical practice, I met with different abnormalities of the reproductive system in males. The Department of Urology Hospital Children diagnosed with "cryptorchidism" and "varicocele" is not uncommon, but in the outpatient practice more common phimosis, balanitis and adhesions - all defects in the care of a little boy. Undescended testicle - the problem is serious, surgery. Fortunately, it is fairly rare.

Tips champion
Irina Slutskaya - now one of the brightest stars is not only professional sports, but also in show business. Open, good character, irresistible charm and unrivaled quality of any work for which it is taken, won the hearts of many fans. But Irina is also the mother of two children. Artem soon to be three, and Varenka is not yet a year old. But my mother is already in shape! Already on the ice! How is it possible?! On the secrets of her beauty today she tells Irina Slutskaya.

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