Model Coco Rocha banned edit yourself in Photoshop
 The Canadian model is known for its active position against anorexic girls. She personally experienced this problem - it is not just right recommended to lose weight, because her 4th American size standards on the model considered improper big. But Coco wants to remain itself, and even against any interference in their appearance as a retouch, but under these conditions, it has agreed to a new survey.

Coco Rocha appear on the pages of advertising for the brand Jacobs, the new season Fall-2011. Star in a photo shoot the model agreed to only if a photo of her hands will not touch shaders and designers. After struggling with skinny models "advertising without retouching" - its new fad.

It seems such a beautiful and young girl hardly needs Photoshop. But it is possible, thanks to her efforts, the policy of ¬ęPhotoshop free¬Ľ, which is in the fashion world appears and disappears finally take root and be more popular.

And the results of the new campaign Jacobs with Coco Rocha left to wait is not so long.

 Model Coco Rocha banned edit yourself in Photoshop
Coco Rocha on the set

Author: Julia Gnedina