Renaissance Hair
 Today's woman changes her images quickly and easily. But hair is not always kept pace with the changes taking place and "tired." To maintain health and shine of colored hair, you must use special care. Is a revolutionary collection of Color Therapy Pantene.

World without Borders change himself to become the manner of dress and hair-style. We become civilized nomads - nomads that capture captured the diversity of cultures, traditions, and quickly melted them in your own unique style. Each of us tirelessly and boldly experimenting with colors, shapes, volumes and textures, following the principle of "fearless and bright."

Nowadays, when the fashion reigns Nomad Couture, a special hair care is fundamentally important. Wanting to change, to stand out and speak out about 85% of women in Eastern Europe have resorted to changing the hair color. Nomad Couture Hair involves risk and bright solutions that, unfortunately, are often affected by the condition and health of the hair.

The reason is that during the application violated F-layer - natural fatty sheath that protects the hair from damage and gives them a natural shine. Paint changes the structure of the hair, making the F-layer porous. Because of this, the protective properties of the hair are lost. As a result - hair quickly lose their luster, and 3 weeks after the paint is no longer look so rich and shiny, as in the early days.

But women should not be denied such a natural way to express yourself! It's like that refuse to be beautiful and unique. That is why the Pantene Pro-V has created a progressive solution to give shine and healthy looking hair, to protect them after staining - a collection of tools Pantene Color Therapy .

It is a new line Pantene Color Therapy   It is designed to care for colored and damaged hair. Unlike the others, this series offers a full range of tools for cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition of hair: caring shampoo, conditioner protect balm, a 3-minute restoring mask, indelible creme care .

 Renaissance Hair

Perfect breakthrough was a new serum "Transformation in 3 minutes."   It contains a maximum level of nutrients which help restore the upper protective layer of hair. Just 3 minutes - and your hair looks as if he never knew of paint damage!

The unique ability Pantene Color Therapy   restore the healthy appearance of hair, so that they shone like to paint, make model and actress Olga Kurylenko. She became the face of the new collection - for who but she knows she must endure hair, every time a new way of changing the color and style.

Olga Kurilenko: "It turns out that in hair care is necessary to adhere to the same three-stage scheme that and in skin care: cleansing, moisturize and nourish. The only way they will look healthy and shiny. At the same time you need to wash your hair as pollution, after each wash use balsam conditioner, and once or twice a week to use the funds intensive care - a mask, care cream and whey. But the most striking thing is that for the revival of the hair structure is sufficient only three minutes! "

Renaissance with Pantene Color Therapy   It will be marked with new colors and new colors healthy shiny hair.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila