Russian Nail Design Competition
 Network Nail Studios Lena Lenina Announces All-Russian competition for the best design of nails. Riot of colors, shapes and original ideas welcome! The winner and the winner may :-) contest will receive a trip to Paris to visit Lena Lenina and lunch with her in one of the best restaurants in Paris and will receive a gift of gold jewelry with diamonds from "private property" and Dress her favorite Italian brand «Sergio Bellini», and most importantly, the opportunity to guaranteed employment in the Network manicure studio Lena Lenina with the organization of accommodation in Moscow (the first six months free of charge).

Top Ten finalists will get a job and accommodation in Moscow, the first three of them after 3 months of free living and successful work in Moscow will go to the expense of a warmer climate.

100 best manicure masters after the results of the competition in September will get a new book Lena Lenina "Revolution of Love" autographed by the writer. To participate in the contest should send their position, a short summary of your experience and manicure master information about the readiness to move to Moscow, and of course, a photo of his client manicure address Can be duplicated on .

Good luck!

Author: Julia Gnedina