The new men's fragrance from Lacoste (+ video)
 While Andy Roddick, American tennis player, fighting for victory at the US Open (US Open tennis), the news is particularly relevant. Because that's what Andy was the face of a new men's fragrance from Lacoste.

Inspired by the white form and shape of the tennis professional tennis racket handle, home designer Lacoste introduced in 2009, a new fragrance for men Challenge. Composition with refreshing citrus notes submitted actor Hayden Christensen, and sporting life has become particularly fashionable.

The new version of the popular fragrance Challenge will be released to the buyer in September 2011. It is named Challenge Re / Fresh, the bottle has the same shape, but now decorated with white cap, very pleasant to the touch. The shape follows the shape of the lid handle a tennis racket.

The new fragrance in contrast to the first Challenge, it is more innovative, dynamic and easy. Smell Challenge Re / Fresh set up in such a way that it can revive the skin again and again. It is such a technology. The smell is lost, then it appears again, each time discovering new shades of flavor.

 The new men's fragrance from Lacoste (+ video)

Top notes of the fragrance - birch leaves and cardamom. The "heart" - oregano and rosemary. Flex - fresh notes, which is unusual for the base notes.

Face of a new smell - American tennis player Andy Roddick. Challenge Re / Fresh exits as toilet water (30, 75 and 90 mL), accompanied by products for the body, deodorant and shower gel.

Author: Julia Gnedina