The third fragrance from Beyoncé
 Starting next week, the singer Beyoncé will once again be one of the most frequently mentioned in the news of celebrities. She has a new album out, it starts another European tour, and she released a new, third, its own flavor.

"Women always tell me that my music makes them feel strong and confident, they begin to feel the inner strength," - says the singer, winner of 16 Grammy Awards, the nomination "Golden Globe". So she starts talking about creating a new floral-citrus fragrance that will be launched in September this year.

The first fragrance Heat star was a huge success. Beyonce believes that it reflects her character, a certain stage of her life and career. It her sensual side of her inner strength and charisma southerners. While the second fragrance Heat Rush more about the woman who is disabled for the time to rest, «Heat Rush is me when I'm on vacation" - confirms Beyonce. A third odor Pulse - "it pulse of my heart and my impulsive nature" - says celebrity.

The bottle of the new smell Beyonce Pulse has a fairly complex structure. "It is upside down, why? "- Asked the journalists Beyonce.

 The third fragrance from Beyoncé
 "I wanted to include in the design something fashionable and modern. In this bottle I was inspired by my stage costumes. They often have the same sophisticated design and construction ", - said the singer.

Beyonce believes that the creation of music and the creation of spirits are very similar. It takes a lot of time before you are found the ingredients for flavor or will be written harmonious composition, which perfectly combines music and texts.

 The third fragrance from Beyoncé
   "In general, the aroma - it is the accessory that is always with me, - says Beyonce - I feel at ease when I'm not in high heels and without perfume. The aroma can be great to transform, to give confidence and make you feel sexy. "

Speaking with Beyonce on a new flavor, reporters asked celebrity fashion. We know that she has a reputation for passionate fashionista. "Yes, I am inspired by many designers. During his last leave eight or nine months ago, I spent so much money on all these designer clothes! But I never wore. I see that someone has another wears these clothes on magazine covers, but I just have not had time to wear them. Now I go shopping in TopShop and other available space and find a very nice thing! "

Author: Julia Gnedina