Tёtushka.ru invites to workshops in the School crafts
 You are fond of needlework, and can only dream about this hobby? But you do not know where to start? It is one thing - see photos of works on the Internet, and another thing - live observe the work of the master. In Moscow, a unique school of needlework. Here, the master of his craft interesting and not dull conduct master classes. Just one session - and you can go home with a wealth of knowledge, the author finished the thing, as well as inspiration and a great desire to improve in his hobby.

Tёtushka.ru pleased to invite everyone to the master classes on various kinds of needlework.

You will learn the tricks of the art decoupage, Crackle capricious master, learn to work with a mosaic, with different structural pastes - and much, much more.

It's summer, many on vacation and weekend homes, so we do not offer rigid schedule, and will assign a date for a particular master class as the group.

Come and bring the apron and the desire to learn, and we promise you a few hours of intense and interesting work in a good company under the guidance of professionals. In addition, at the end of the master class you can, in consultation with the master, and the store manager, to purchase all necessary to continue to do at home.

 Tёtushka.ru invites to workshops in the School crafts

For acquaintance with the masters, we offer you some small classes, with which you will leave with a finished thing you made. In the future we also plan to assemble the entire course on a particular topic, you are signing up for a closer look at this or that subject. The cost of such a course would be much more attractive than the cost of many individual classes.

 Tёtushka.ru invites to workshops in the School crafts

Detailed description of the workshops and the opportunity to enroll them   - On the page of the School of Needlework.

In the photo: pictures of master-classes