1 minute and you are ready to apply makeup!
 In April 2011, the brand NIVEA® VISAGE releases two new products in the line of basic care - Gentle Day Cream PRE-makeup. New products have been developed specially for women in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.

In 2008, Beiersdorf conducted a study which found that women using a moisturizer in the morning, complaining that the cream is absorbed for a long time, because they have to wait to apply makeup. In this regard, women often do not have time to apply makeup at home as much in a hurry to work, they have no time to wait, so they do make-up in transport or at work.

What kind of cream dream of participating in the study?
"In the morning I was in a hurry. Therefore, I need a moisturizer that absorbs quickly, so do not wait long, and immediately apply makeup. "

Based on this observation, the Research Center Beiersdorf developed PRE-cream makeup - light moisturizing fluid absorbed per 1 minute .

New Cream PRE-MAKE from NIVEA® VISAGE - a lightweight fluid, which is completely absorbed instantly and ensures effective hydration. The texture of the cream is the perfect base for applying make-up immediately after applying the cream.

Cream appears in two versions: for normal and combination skin for dry and sensitive skin.

• Lightweight cream fluid PRE-MAKE from NIVEA® VISAGE for normal to combination skin   enriched with a lotus extract and vitamins effectively moisturizes the skin.

• Lightweight cream fluid PRE-MAKE from NIVEA® VISAGE for dry and sensitive skin   enriched with almond oil and calendula extract. For a long time it moisturizes the skin and has a calming effect.

 1 minute and you are ready to apply makeup!

What is the difference of the fluid from the traditional formula of cream?
The difference in the ratio of oil and water. For the production of the fluid used in more high-tech water-oil emulsion. In simple terms, the production of whipped cream fluid consistency so that the oil is transformed into tiny droplets, thereby creating a light, weightless texture.

Why are not all creams are suitable for the base make-up?
Cream with a dense texture are poorly absorbed, and after the application of foundation leaves shine. Some creams in contact with other agents (eg, creams or cream-powder) roll. Therefore, as a base for make-up is necessary to use neutral, easily absorbed moisturizer such as new cream-fluid PRE-MAKE from NIVEA® VISAGE.

Author: Julia Gnedina