Contest "Expect a wanderer on the day of the storm"
 Eternal love, we have been faithful to her ... He drinks coffee every morning and goes to work in the office or shop, and she - miracle potion prepared by the fire in the Middle Ages or serves the gods in the Egyptian temple. But once upon a time they were together, loved and dreamed never leave ... The fate of the play so that they would meet again. But these eternal strangers know each other ?! What will not pass? ..

Social network MyJulia mystic and author of detective stories   Natalia Solntsev and announce a competition of stories "Expect a wanderer on the day of the storm" .

Write a story about love through time, where he lives in the present tense, and she - in the far-distant past. Or vice versa ... How do you tell a soul!

History can be a real or invented.

The three winners will be awarded a new novel   Natalia Solntseva "Expect a wanderer on the day of the storm" autographed by the author. Contest "Expect a wanderer on the day of the storm"

This is the first book is a fascinating four volumes of the series "Playing with the color of death."

Who is to blame for what is happening today? And why magic artifacts of the past history and change the destiny of people? Trying to unravel the threads of the crime, Tina and her friend Siur faced with unexplained phenomena. It is incomprehensible that the actual events are intertwined with the life of ancient Egypt, medieval knights, the fate of a fatal opera diva Eulalia Kadmina portrait that store dead antiquarian.

How not to go crazy in this nightmare and get a clue? Only the one who believes and loves, is able to overcome all the trials. History of a legend - from the worship to the crime!

Also, each winner will receive a personal miracle magick . These are symbols, amulets, symbols helpers, code-performers desires. Magick change life for the better!

We welcome your stories about eternal love. And the hero of the story waiting for you, dear authors, to tell about his travels. We've got an incredible journey! In a way, my friends!

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