New ink from LUMENE: incredible rich black color and stunning volume for your lashes!
 New for all women who want well-groomed, recycled lashes and an incredible amount, as well as for those who prefer intense eye makeup. Volume mascara LUMENE BLUEBERRY VOLUME «black diamond", oil seeds Arctic blueberries in the new satin iridescent shade!

Decision Lumene
Give your lashes extraordinary volume without lumps through a flexible plastic brush and innovative volume formula. Arctic blueberries nourishes the lashes and makes them strong and healthy. Mascara contains special pigments that lend a dramatic lashes incredibly deep black color, making it look particularly impressive.

Plastic brush with soft and flexible bristles of different lengths efficiently raises and paints over each eyelash, giving it a stunning twist and volume - without any lumps.

Black Diamond - incredibly deep, rich satin iridescent black.

 New ink from LUMENE: incredible rich black color and stunning volume for your lashes!

First apply makeup over the entire face, except eyelashes. Apply mascara on the lashes from root to tip in a zigzag movement. The tip of the brush, you can further elaborate eyelashes. For a more expressive result, apply another coat of mascara. Mascara is easily washed off tool for removing eye make-up Lumene.

Always remember that mascara should be replaced every 3-6 months to ensure its cleanliness and hygiene.

Key ingredients of the Arctic

• 100% natural oil seeds Arctic blueberries (Vaccinium myrtillus):
- Vital Omega-fatty acids care for eyelashes and strengthens them.
- Contains tocopherols and tocotrienols (a rare active form of vitamin E), which protects lashes from external negative factors, such as pollution, UV-rays and dry air.

• Paraffin oil
- Sealing consistency mascara, give an incredible amount of lashes.

No perfumed fragrances, alcohol, parabens. It contains over 83% natural ingredients. The suggested retail price of 295 rubles.

Author: Julia Gnedina