Break into your day with Cool White from Gillette!
 Gillette introduces a new toilet water Cool White, created for bold and energetic men.

"I break into your day" - this dynamic and explosive slogan of a new toilet water perfectly conveys her mood. After refreshing fragrance Cool White inspires a man in the morning and sets on a day full of new victories.

Self-confidence and the desire to be the best at everything - it's inherent qualities men Cool White. Alexander Ovechkin, who is the face of the brand Gillette - a vivid example. This outstanding Russian hockey player is one of the most talented world-class athletes, as well as the first player in NHL history that five seasons in a row been named the best in the "All-Star Game." And it is - is not the limit, because Alexander was used to achieve the impossible and win new victories every day!

"Working with Gillette - a great honor for me,   - Says Alexander. - This is the best brand for men in the world, and I like that every day, Gillette is working to become even better " .

The Bold and the light scent of Cool White incorporates a fresh bouquet of citrus fruit with a slight train, which goes well with herbal notes and aroma of cedar wood and musk.

 Break into your day with Cool White from Gillette!

Pyramid flavor:

Top notes of the fragrance:   lemon, lime, light fruity hint;

Heart notes:   fern, lavender, herbs extract;

Notes loop:   woody tones of cedar, spicy musk.

Cool White - a new eau de toilette fragrance collection from Gillette. Release of the first collection of men's fragrances - innovative and bold step marks Gillette, which is a leading manufacturer of tools for the care of men's skin during and after shaving. This step was a success, and a collection of men's eau de toilette Gillette, which includes well-known and loved by millions of men Blue Dive, Gold Joy and Black, has a new perfume. Each of the fragrances from Gillette has its bright character, including Cool White has taken its rightful place.

Professional victories, dating, noisy parties with friends - Cool White man knows how to live with taste every day of his life.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila