Competition for Hobbiportale "Tilda"
 The contest received decorative stitched handmade toys in the style of "tilde". And the prizes - useful material for future rukodelnyh masterpieces in the style of "tilde".

The term Tilda (Tilda) named toys and handmade things, household items and clothing-footwear Norwegian author - Tone Finanger. Her books are published in large editions abroad are very popular with needle women, but not yet published in Russian.

On the Internet there are many patterns, master classes and a hvastushek. Created whole community, not only abroad but also in the Russian-speaking internet.

Abroad you can buy not only books, but also materials for tailoring these lovely toys. We girls tend to use whatever is at hand, and in the store - is linen, calico, jersey, fleece, synthetic fabrics, denim, organza, etc. As well as buttons, ribbons and braid, beads, yarn for knitting, etc.

- How to sew
- Patterns
- More information

The size of your doll's up to you! You can increase or decrease the pattern (in the print settings of the printer, on the copier). For someone who likes miniaturnyh, and somebody needs a growth toy

Extras. Stuff   you can find the forum Hobbiportala section sewn Toys

Number of entries Which may expose the contest, each participant three

Dates : Entries will be accepted until April 24, inclusive (24.00 Moscow time).

Poll 25 - 29 April

Take part and see the complete rules of the contest : Http:// t = 15980


1 place:

• Book Tildas Sommarideer - Tilda - Summer Ideas
• A set of cotton fabrics from the collection Tilda:
- Cloth Ornament Blue / Green
- Fabric Kreise
- Fabric Bella Green

 Competition for Hobbiportale "Tilda"

2nd place:

• Ribbon with a decorative mini pompons
• A set of cotton fabrics from the collection Tilda:
- Cloth Ornament Pink
- Fabric Lilie Lilac
- Fabric Victoria Lilac

 Competition for Hobbiportale "Tilda"

3rd place:

• Crown Tilda
• A set of cotton fabrics from the collection Tilda:
- Fabric Mumflower Red
- Fabric Lilie Red
- Bella Red Cloth

 Competition for Hobbiportale "Tilda"

Author: Julia Gnedina