David Beckham is preparing to release a clothing line and a new fragrance
 After a long collaboration with the brand underwear Emoprio Armani, advertising face of which is the famous footballer David was born the idea of ​​creating his collection of men's underwear.

Four Seasons posters Emoprio Armani David to "work" for the brand. There are estimates that since then, both began to represent Armani underwear Beckham brand sales doubled. "I realized that these things have a very good market" - David explained his decision to do its own brand.

David also said that from the outset got the idea to take part in developing their own underwear collection for men. He says he and his wife, Victoria, choose fabrics, made recommendations to designers. And, like his fans, waiting for the moment to see his debut collection and present it to the public. He joked that his mother will be pleased when they see the new posters with his participation. "Still," I'll be in underwear! ". It turns out that all previous promotional photos of David to Armani she liked.

However, the premiere date is still unknown. What is clear is that it will be Ultra-shorts, T-shirts, fashionable and popular boxer. Things do not come cheap.

As for the new fragrance from David, he will be called Homme by David Beckham, and will go on sale in September this year.

Photo: David Beckham, advertising campaign Emoprio Armani, the season autumn / winter 2009

Author: Julia Gnedina