Lady Gaga sleeping with makeup and suffering hair loss
 Pop diva Lady Gaga has revealed her beauty secrets, the magazine «People», some of them we would not advise to repeat, though in some ways it is almost normal girl.

Asked by journalists edition of "How many nights a week do you go to sleep with makeup," scandalous singer replied, "Seven." Yes, the singer just before bed brushing her teeth. And he explained it good genes. "Well, that would prefer for the skin? "- Asked Lady Gaga. "Sunblock always in my purse. I do not like tan on my face, he looks ugly, and it leads to wrinkles. "

It is known that Lady Gaga - natural brunette, but she platinum blonde. She says that miss my natural color. And yet it is recognized that her hair is now dyed terrible fall, and she decided to "chemical haircut."

The make-up Lady Gaga also sets new rules. He prefers recently not to use mascara, and not even thinking about false eyelashes. In her opinion, this is the most modern approach. "I just nanoshu only eyeliner" - sums up Lady Gaga.

Her credo in beauty - to follow his nature. "When you try to be someone else, it's boring! ".

A favorite beauty treatments - a foot massage. According to the magazine «People», Lady Gaga just crazy when she massaged her feet. Still would! After so many speeches on high heels Lady Gaga insanely sore feet, is one of its main problems today.

Photo: Bruce Glikas, FilmMagic

Author: Julia Gnedina