Contest "And then it was ..."
 How often do we read a novel or a story come up: what's next for the set point of the author? Often, we complain about "stupid" characters, the author of the harmful, which is the most interesting note stopped. Sometimes scrolled in mind the possible scenarios ...

But most of these options are there, where they were - in our heads, sometimes spilling as "fan fiction", but it is still rare. In this contest we offer you not write fanfiction. We suggest you write a sequel to the story of Joseph Goleman "Let the one you love."

The user, who wrote the most interesting continuation of the story will receive from the publishing house "Eksmo" knob «Parker» and Joseph Goleman book "Let the one you love." Contest "And then it was ..." Contest "And then it was ..."

Yet 4 winners   Book Goleman get Joseph "Let the one you love."

Read the terms of the contest here

Author: Natalia Room