Rihanna section to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Nivea
 Singer Rihanna is now the official voice of Nivea. Well-known cosmetics brand is sponsoring the concerts of Rihanna, in turn, Rihanna even took off their clothes to express respect for the 100th anniversary of the brand.

So, in May of this year, the brand Nivea celebrates its centenary. Planned global events and widespread celebration date. The singer Rihanna at the end of May was appointed launch its North American and European tour. Nivea - official sponsor of the concert tour. At this time, planned public relations and advertising campaigns Nivea with Rihanna in the lead roles.

Marcus pinger, a board member of Beiersdorf (Beiersdorf manufactures products of the brand Nivea), says: "Over the past 100 years, Nivea has become a worldwide brand of iconic skincare. The consumer trusts us. " Now the brand wants to attract an increasingly younger audience, because the middle generation the authority of the conquered.

Rihanna addition, shares the 100th anniversary of the brand supports Britney Spears, attracting a new generation of fans of Nivea. Most of the anniversary events will take place in cyberspace, and it is also a certain course, to attract young people to the Nivea.

 Rihanna section to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Nivea
Photo: Nivea

Author: Julia Gnedina