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 The well-known psychologist and journalist, author of books "1001 question about IT "(Bestseller about sex)   "I'm interested in all the people," "Learning to speak in public"   and the other, the creator of the popular program   "Solo on the keyboard" On which millions of people were engaged and mastered cursive on a computer, a leading radio programs in psychology ("Megapolis", "lighthouse", "Echo of Moscow", etc.) In the near future will be the guest of the portal

He agreed to answer questions of interest to our users. He's ready to dismantle specific cases and give advice (if someone needs):
how to succeed as different from all other people how to live joyfully, how to enjoy the intimate relations.

In short, he is ready to answer your questions, to speculate on the topics that interest you.


Vladimir Vladimirovich Shahidzhanyana (he is also a lecturer of the Faculty of Journalism and the Internet had three sites) can not hesitate to ask about everything.

Now - suddenly it's someone interested in? - VV Shakhidjanyan working on a book about same-sex relationships as well as creating a program to improve memory.

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