Chanel № 19, 40 years back
 House of Chanel announces the return of one of its iconic fragrance Chanel № 19. Perfume brand Polzhe Jacques said that he found the unique ingredients for the smell, it is possible to repeat what was done by perfumers Chanel 40 years ago, as well as to enrich the flavor.

A new modern version of Chanel № 19 - and powdery musk. Full name it - Chanel No 19 Poudré. The premiere is scheduled for Fall 2011.

Perfumer Jacques Polzhe says of his new work: "We have found a new musk, which we are very interested in, as well as a lot of work on the note of iris, which is a very important component in the smell No 19 Poudré. In addition, we have our own plantation of roses and jasmine, and we are now busy trying to find them a new quality and reproduce what was done 40 years ago, and what is now one of the perfumers does. "

Iris - the central note of flavor, along with a few new musk, found Polzhe. But Iris - this is probably one of the most sophisticated perfume ingredients. He is very demanding growing conditions. On the final quality of the essential oil and iris can affect soil and climate. And besides, processing iris for flavor - a laborious process, it lasts several years. But that it did in its time Iris fragrance Chanel No 19, the standard of sophistication and style, because Coco did not like compromises when it came to quality.

New Chanel No 19 Poudré combines the latest technology (musk notes) and strict traditions of artisanal production of perfume (iris notes).

 Chanel № 19, 40 years back

In addition, this year (also in the fall) is expected odor Jersey (NJ), in honor of Coco Chanel's favorite fabric.

And one more news perfume by Chanel. A new advertising campaign of the fragrance Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche with model Charlotte di Calypso as the new face of the fragrance. Commercials model shows a little magic.

 Chanel № 19, 40 years back

Author: Julia Gnedina