Competition for «The best user of May"!
 Contests - an important part of the life of our project. Following the principle set out in the slogan, we do everything to make your stay on the site was not only interesting, but also useful. Starting today, active life by will bring you gifts. Introducing the new competition "Best User of May"!

Contestants - all registered (at the time of its inception) users If you have an account on, and you are active, each month one of the three prizes * from our partner can be yours!

  What do I need to become a better person and a month to gain valuable and useful prize?
  1. Be a registered user **.
  2. Maintain an active life on the site.
  3. bring friends to his team.
  4. To achieve success in losing weight and objectives.
  5. Participate in the life of the site, discuss new features, articles and suggestions from users.
  6. Earn points rating.
  7. To help newcomers to the site.

  All three of the best months are determined by the decision of the administration site Each user can become the best in the past month more than once, but not twice.

Be active in May and you can get one of the valuable prizes from Philips

 Competition for «The best user of May"!

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To win one of these prizes, you do not need to invent a new recipe or stir photo: leading an active life familiar to you on the website, you participate in the contest "Best User of May" automatically. We wish you good luck!

  * Prizes are delivered by Russia. If you are the winner, but live outside Russia, you can get your prize by your loved ones, living in the territory of the Russian Federation. Term Demand prize - 6 months from the date of announcement of the results of the contest.

  ** in the "Best User of May" may not take part representatives of the administration and members of their families. Moderators site involved in the competition for general terms.