I International Exhibition "World of Hobbies"
 Moscow, All-Russia Exhibition Center, pav. 69, 2-5 June 2011
Premiere of June - "Parade of Festivals", which will be held during the exhibition "HOBBY WORLD." This large-scale event will allow to gather on one platform all those for whom a hobby, art and handicrafts - an integral part of life. The idea of ​​the project - to demonstrate the diversity of the world of hobbies and diversity of creative abilities.

Parade festivals will present:

- Festival patchwork "Moscow townsmen"
- International Festival "Felt Avenue"
- Festival of colored plastic "Rainbow"
- Festival of dolls and Teddy bears' doll Name Day "
- International Festival "ArtBiser"
- Festival "1001 island"
- Festival "flora and fauna"

All known areas of art and crafts will be opened to visitors. A variety of topics of the exhibition will impress even the most discerning: modeling, collection, artmarket, embroidery, knitting, scrapbooking, quilling, kardmeyking, the author's jewelry, lampwork, decoupage, origami, handmade cosmetics, sewing, batik, err, painting with acrylic paints, bumagaplastika, Ankars, carvings and more.

The exhibition program is replete with contests and special events: entertaining workshops and master spectacular show for all types of hobbies, art and crafts hold the acknowledged masters - they will share their secrets and give tips for beginners. Guests of the exhibition will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of creative holiday, meet new exciting experience for yourself, find your friends and just get the pleasure of communicating.

To participate in the event are invited to retailers, shops and showrooms, online stores, workshops, training centers, courses and studio crafts, publishing houses and the media, associations and unions, training centers, courses, schools, workshops, studios, designers and wizard.

"World of Hobbies" - a bright event, the window to the magical world of creativity!
The organizing committee of the exhibition "HOBBY WORLD» http://mirhobbi.com/site

Exhibition company "ANTARES EXPO"
tel. +7 495 781 04 56

Author: Julia Gnedina