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Starry "nesting"
Eight of the ten future mothers closer to the date of birth begin to "nest" - is an established fact. Nest syndrome is one of the signs of impending birth. Rather than lie down and enjoy the last days of calm, a woman about to give birth wallpaper glue and move furniture, take down and wash interior walls, buying children's dowry. This construction and repair ubiratelny boom - not a fad, but due to the hormonal state.

Family values ​​Olga Lomonosova
When you communicate with Olga University, a popular film and stage actress, star of the series "Not Born Beautiful", immediately broken the myth that it is like two drops of water similar to her character - Cyrus Voropayev. In the life of the future "double mother" dreams of a country house, a dog, world peace and the fact that children grow up safely and can safely go outside and not on the material well-being, luxury apartments and cars. By linking its fate with the director Pavel Safronov, Olga began to develop a new role - caring and loving wife and mother. In 2006, young parents born first daughter - Varya, and they are now ready for a second baby in the family.

Pregnancy, one after another
Every woman, with a baby are discharged from the hospital, the doctor is required to give different recommendations. Among them are particularly stipulated time that must elapse before the next pregnancy. But despite this, some couples conception occurs much earlier than the recommended 2-3 years expire. On what to expect from repeated pregnancies that followed a short period of time.

I'm sick
Morning sickness - one of the signs of early toxicity pregnant. However, the morning - that's an understatement: some women feel sick not only immediately after awakening, but in the afternoon and in the evening before going to bed, and even a whole day almost without interruption.

The journey - with a tummy
That's how nature: a woman bears a child for nine months. It's quite a long time, and many people mistakenly believe that they should for this time indulge in all pleasures. However, in normal pregnancy in such restrictions is not necessary.

Bag to the hospital
It gives birth - being born: a naked (well, almost: nightgown, wide-open to the navel, do not count), and in tears. And in addition to the passport, health insurance, exchange cards (and the contract if delivery paid) to you in the hospital, in principle, nothing more is needed: in our maternity homes provide you the rest. And yet, about the middle of pregnancy, expectant mothers terribly worried about the bag to the hospital was always ready.

10 ways to deal with stress during pregnancy
Pregnancy - is a new condition for the body. And all new for our body - stress. We are acutely responding to family conflicts, problems at work, etc. Especially stressful is I trimester of pregnancy. Do not forcibly push yourself not to worry, it still does not work, it does not explain everything around that nervous is bad for you.

Toe the line
How to give birth, either horizontally or vertically, it depends primarily on the willingness of women. At least in the hospital number 18 in St. Petersburg did not try to impose maternity status during any of the periods of delivery. Expectant mother wants to stand or walk during labor and give birth squatting? Please! On the pros and cons of vertical and traditional birth says head of department of post-natal maternity hospital number 18 in St. Petersburg, an obstetrician-gynecologist Alex Abramovich Bruev.

Bearing-down period: step by step
The most important part of the delivery - the second period, or the period of exile. It is so called because when a woman attempts trying to push the baby out of himself, "banishes" him. The fact that the second period began, according to the special reduction of striated muscles of the abdominal wall and diaphragm, which are called vain attempts.

Power nursing mothers
Many expectant mothers believed that some dietary restrictions imposed during pregnancy continue into breastfeeding. In part they are right, that's just a list of "forbidden fruit" replenished with new names.

Musicality from the cradle
Expectant mothers are advised to protect themselves from the sad thoughts. Enjoy the outdoors and talking with crumbs, beautiful to look at and listen to good music. Kid "genetically" level remembers happening. That is why it is important to give him the good memories. Then the child is born, and the music is already in the house for the sake of development remains. But what exactly develops the music, the melody which is useful and that kids love to do, and we should find out, referring to the experience of online moms.

Baby cereals
To learn how to start solid foods - from vegetables or cereal products - it is better to consult a pediatrician. However, both in the diet of the child must be present necessarily. Today we will talk about the dishes, which are based on cereals.

Long Goodbye - more tears
The summer - time of holidays and vacations. Raisings child is sent to her grandmother in the village, on fresh milk and fresh vegetables from the garden. Whatever the time of year my mother may need to fly on a business trip or to go to the hospital. In short, sooner or later, your child will know what the - the separation from his mother than a couple of hours and a couple of days or even weeks.

Makes the body:
Tips Alena farmacia

Clever, beautiful, man of acute mind and the same sharp tongue, Alain Vodonaeva can not but admire! The former notorious member of the "Dom-2", Alain now primarily young caring mother and loving wife. 8-month-old son, Bogdan takes almost all of her time. When socialite unable to deal with you? Within two months after giving birth, she put on her favorite heels and a short dress. The secret to her incredible, captivating beauty? Today, about how to be beautiful, we said Alain Vodonaeva.

Summer wardrobe grudnichka
Baby born in summer, requires a completely different dowry than the one that was born fierce winter. Overalls and envelope fur, woolen hat and warm socks will need about half a year to - strike up when cold. But does this mean that in the heat you can get just the read article of clothing? This is not quite true.

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