Photoepilator Philips Lumea - taking care of health and beauty of your skin!
 The problem of removing unwanted hair care beautiful half of humanity over the centuries, but now that a smooth well-groomed skin is a compulsory part of the appearance of the modern woman, and especially on the eve of the beach season - the issue of hair removal ever relevant.

Today, the beauty industry has leaped forward, giving the girls a choice of modern epilators and wax to expensive treatments at the beauty salon. In spite of that, hair removal, and to this day remains an unpleasant and time-consuming procedure.

The company Philips introduces innovative photoepilator Lumea   for home use, which will replace all the known methods of hair removal and make the procedure painless hair removal, convenient and comfortable. Thanks to Philips Lumea skin remains smooth every day, and expensive and time-salon treatments, waxing, razor irritation after application and the problem of ingrown hairs remain in the past.

Philips Lumea   It was developed in close collaboration with leading dermatologists and provides an effective, but at the same time, delicate effect even in the sensitive areas. The main advantage Philips Lumea   - The use of the house at any time, as well as significant cost savings, as Philips Lumea   You replace a series of trips to the beautician.

 Photoepilator Philips Lumea - taking care of health and beauty of your skin!

At the heart of photoepilator Philips Lumea   is an intense pulse of light (Intense Pulsed Light, IPL), which is used in professional beauty for hair removal. The light pulse acts on the root of the hair, resulting in the regrowth stops. According to our investigations, after two treatments there is a significant reduction in the amount of hair, and the best results are usually achieved after 4-5 sessions. Hair density is reduced gradually from session to session.

To prevent re-growth of hair treating skin photoepilator need only one or two times a month with an interval of 2 weeks, depending on the area. Processing Zone underarms only takes 4 minutes for bikini area you will spend 8 minutes, and waxed legs will take time and will need only one treatment a month.

Five power settings allow the use of a flash of light photoepilator owners of different types of skin from very light to dark and hair color - from dark-brown to black. The appliance is not effective against a very dark skin, red, gray and blond hair.

Specially designed light photoepilator not require replacement during the lifetime of the device (approximately 50 000 outbreaks). Integrated UV-filter provides maximum protection of the skin.

The device is equipped with batteries, which means hair removal procedure can now be carried out where you want it - in the bathroom or watching a favorite TV show, and do not waste precious time on multiple trips to a beauty salon.

The kit also includes a DVD with video tutorials that will help to properly use the device and achieve superior results.

FROM Philips Lumea   dreams of a perfectly smooth and well-groomed skin become reality!

Photoepilator Philips Lumea   will be available on May 20 in the online shop Philips.

The recommended retail price of the device will be 21 500 rubles.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila