Rock and roll is alive in the new collection essence
 Rock festivals in the open air: it's time to loud music, wild hair and wild parties without regard for tomorrow!

In May-June 2011, the brand essence offers a mandatory set to create a bright image in the fashion style of rock 'n' roll - fashion line you rock!   Sverhstoykost and compact - everything you need to update the make-up in the open air.

essence you rock! - Set of eyeshadow
Going to a concert? Take only what you need: eyeshadow palette of six different colors. With so many options and combinations, you are guaranteed an amazing image, and skip to any event! Also in the kit include: a small mirror, double-sided applicator and mini eyeliner. Option 01 - Set of rock chic (rock chick).   Price: 209 rubles.

essence you rock! - Basis under eyeshadow
The concert of Kings of Leon and Beatsteaks you may need sverhstoykie eyeshadow. Strike and not think about the make-up - foundation you rock! save the essence of resistance shadows and even strengthen them shine! Start the baby, the party goes on! Option 01 - the basis of rock chic (rock chick).   Price: 119 rubles.

 Rock and roll is alive in the new collection essence

essence you rock! - Resistant lipstick in stick form
Resistant lipstick-shaped pen essence you rock! It will become the star of the show. She kept on the lips for a few hours! Lipstick provides a seductive and bright lip color until sunset. Two options: 01 - pink immersion (let me in rose) and 02 - hot lips (your pink is on fire).   Price: 129 rubles.

essence you rock! - nail polish
essence offers a perfect manicure: five amazing colors complete your perfect image in the style of rock and roll. Raise your hands, all want to see them! Several options: 01 - Down with beige color (cut off the beige), 02 - love, peace, and purple (love, peace and purple), 03 - kings of candy (kings of mints), 04 - pink immersion (let me in pink) and 05 - at the speed of blue light (speed of light blue).   Price: 109 rubles.

essence you rock! - Pocket comb
Matted hair? No way! Practical pocket comb allows tidy matted hair as soon as you're done dancing to the music of your favorite rock band. Option 01 - rock style (rock chick).   Price: 109 rubles.

essence you rock! - Refreshing spray
Lighting on the dance floor, so I want to freshen up. Essence offers an amazing opportunity: a single press of the button and you are immersed in a delicious fragrance of the new cool gentle spray essence you rock! Not surprisingly, this spray for face and body is called "refreshing rock chic" (01 - rock chick). Price: 124 rubles.

Collection essence you rock!   in stores in May and June 2011.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila