The holographic effect in the make-up of the essence
 Immerse yourself in the world of cosmetics with a holographic effect, which is combined with flickering bright vibrant colors and three-dimensional effects seductively play on your eyes, lips and nails. This season essence has it all!

Fashion Collection essence   It draws inspiration from fashion trends in makeup this year and offers great style straight from the world of haute couture! In May-June 2011, the essence produces a collection with reflective particles of solar and light texture. Futurism in fashion!

essence - cream eye shadows
Air and light crumbly texture of the cream is kept well-shadow on the eyelids, and reflects the sun's rays, shimmering rainbow colors. Options: C01 - gagalectric, C02 - lil @ c and C03 - prism @ tic white.   Price: 149 rubles.

essence - liquid eyeliner
One glance at the new liquid eyeliner with a holographic effect, once there are images of scenic summer night sky full of twinkling stars. Saturated shades of cool new liner essence perfectly accentuate your eyes and give the image the final touch. Options: C01 - blue ray and C02 - prism @ tic white.   Price: 149 rubles.

 The holographic effect in the make-up of the essence

essence - lip gloss
Your lips will not know that so impressed everyone! This new lip gloss with a holographic shimmer is always full of surprises. Its brightness and shine depends on how the light falls on your lips. Options: C01 - lil @ c, C02 - holoberry and C03 - prism @ tic white.   Price: 124 rubles.

essence - nail polish
Iridescent striking nail color attracts interested glances! Holographic new color lacquers create a magical image that makes you forget about the summer heat. Options: C01 - gagalectric, C02 - lil @ c, C03 -blue ray, C04 - prism @ tic white and C05 - holoberry.   Price: 99 rubles.

essence - body oil
You are now a completely new can enjoy silky soft skin. Body Butter with holographic effect on the essence creates a delicate flavor and a slight flicker. Price: 199 rubles.

essence - Bracelet
This bracelet cool colors with silver charms - must-have accessory for every stylish fashion queen! Ideal for summer extravagant way that goes beyond space and time. Price: 119 rubles.

Collection essence   It will be in stores in May-June 2011.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila