Cream anti-age
 Unilever has announced a partnership with a group of researchers, which will result in the development of special anti-aging food and drinks. And if all fails, then the anti-age cream we can try in 2015.

Unilever signed an agreement with the research group of scientists Ampere Life Sciences, and the success of new developments will be built on attention to antioxidants. If they satisfy the food, the obvious anti-aging effect is provided, this is the idea of ​​cooperation.

Joint research in the field of anti-age Unilever will give the ability to create not only new cosmetic products (brand has to its credit cosmetic brand, Dove, for example), but also to introduce an anti-age technology in food production, according to the company's management.

Experts believe that it is quite possible in the near future on the shelves of supermarkets will raspberry ice cream from wrinkles, peanut butter from age spots and crow's feet on the sherbet and the first signs of aging.

Author: Julia Gnedina