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On the cover of Olga Schupp - "Mom Business Class," the owner of a network of clinics of aesthetic medicine, a professional dermatologist, cosmetologist.

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"Soft" Motherhood Tutta Larsen
There are people whose life since birth is gradually and consistently, without getting off the beaten track. There are those, whose biography of sharp turns, hills and bumps more than on the most difficult race track. These can be safely attributed the well-known television and radio host Tutta Larsen, who after going through many trials, achieved success and recognition, both in career and personal life. Most recently, Tutta, or as it is called in the world, Tatiana, gave birth to a daughter, which they, along with her husband was given the name Martha.

Children's skin problems and solutions
A baby's skin because of its subtlety and vulnerability is particularly sensitive to the impact of external factors. In addition, it quickly loses moisture, which can cause flaking, irritation and trigger the development of skin diseases. To solve such problems, and anticipate my mother's help caring, gentle care and high-quality cosmetics.

Fitness for the little ones
Kids Club World Class Lady's

Gymnastics for children to be not only useful, but also entertaining. To access the child's interest in physical exercise and maintain it throughout the class, experts recommend the use of interesting toys, bright and beautiful benefits sports equipment.

Stars of the home and the children's room
When there is a child in the family, then the new parents immediately raises a lot of questions about how to equip a new family member of his personal space. Will it be a separate room or the baby will be in close proximity to their parents - a private matter, but mom and dad are similar in one: they are trying to create for your toddler a separate world in which he would be comfortable. About all the nuances of this issue, we told stellar parents.

Kindergarten Child Development Centre - Kindergarten number 80
Not every garden can offer its pupils a good stroller pad or clean urban zone nearby. Kindergarten № 80 "Ryabinka" boasts not only an impressive array of services, but also a beautiful location.

School number 123 ("Theatre")
School № 123 with profound study of art-aesthetic cycle means theater. The main requirements for this institution - a decent level of education, the presence of creative studios and, of course, such an atmosphere that never had a chance to hear from the child: "I do not want to go to school! "

Why does a child is lying?
Until the baby is two words can not, he can not cheat, and mom and dad. But with the beginning of active development of the child's speech, that is about three years, each parent can acquire a lie detector. Or - do not pay attention to a child's lie. About the difference lies on the imagination.

Special Network - a network of social
Speak from the heart and the interests of today can not only friends, who live in the neighborhood, but also those who in reality had never met. This can be done in any social network where people communicate, united by common interests. Social networking, there are quite a few: and former fellow students and current professionals in a certain area, and chose the same hobby.

Waiting for a miracle
Pregnancy - unique time for a woman. It was during this period of concern about the quality of life stands in the foreground. While waiting for the baby more important than ever: good nutrition, good rest, acquiring skills body relaxation, improving breathing, possession emotions. About author's program wellness club "Venice" "Waiting for the baby."

Mom married
To find the heroine, who managed to marry, having the number of children was surprisingly easy. This is just gossip denies woman with a child's right to personal happiness. But life is wiser than human prejudices.

Mom Business Class
Every woman waiting for the birth of a baby primarily worried about his well-being and health. The second reason for the excitement of most new moms - recovery figure after giving birth, as we all want to be attractive at any time of life. The owner of a network of clinics of aesthetic medicine "GRAND Clinic", a professional dermatologist-cosmetologist Olga Schupp knows all about how to maintain harmony and beauty during pregnancy. From the sixth month of pregnancy, she continues to work to bring year-old daughter, and look at this simply wonderful!

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Author: Julia Gnedina