New dynamic couple from Adidas
 Perfumes and perfumed deodorant Adidas has repeatedly called among the most successful products of the different ratings and surveys. Therefore, new items from Adidas draw our constant attention, and we hasten to acquaint them with the fans of the brand. Meet new pair of fragrances for him and for her Adidas Moves Pulse.

For anyone who is constantly on the move and exploring his every day, these new flavors.

• Adidas Moves Pulse him (masculine fragrance) - fresh, woody fragrance with a touch of spice. The top notes of leaves Ouzou, mint flowers, coriander. At the center of the composition - violet leaves, fresh artemisia and vetiver. The sheet "base" - rich and warm shades of cedar wood, musk masculine magnetism.

• Adidas Moves Pulse her (fragrance) - bright, floral, fruity. Opens with notes of apple (variety Pink Lady), juice of orange and plum Mirabelle. Feminine fragrance is revealed in the "heart" notes of violets Indigo, sweet freesia, jasmine night. A train is warm and sexy notes of leather and musk cream timber.

 New dynamic couple from Adidas

Fragrances are designed for young men and women are presented in a light concentration of Eau de Toilette, in specialized shops of the brand Adidas.

Author: Julia Gnedina