Competition "My favorite slut '
 All of us - my mother, and each of us has our own child best. Even if he managed during their games and studies he became grubby "ugly duckling." Send us pictures of your wonderful grimy kid and get a prize from the company "UNION Video" - a disc with a new animated film "The Ugly Duckling."

Interesting facts about the cartoon "The Ugly Duckling":

- When shooting the cartoon were used different technologies: a doll (made with real feathers), clay, flat puppet.

- In the cartoon the music of Tchaikovsky's ballet "Swan Lake" and "Nutcracker", arranged on a film drama Sergei Anashkina.

- In the film involved about 400 dolls, built dozens of models, more than 700 scenes filmed.

Admission Works : From 11.10.2010 to 31.10.2010 0:00 23:59
Voting for the work:   from 1.11.2010 to 10.11.2010 0:00 23:59

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Author: Julia Gnedina