Vending sales cosmetics is becoming more popular in Russia
 Surely you've seen in European airports and train stations are small shops without the seller. Sales of products through vending machines is becoming more popular. And if it were cigarettes, newspapers, fast food, vending machines now sell cosmetics, and, the most famous brands. And most importantly, that in Russia such sales channels are becoming more cosmetic.

For example, recently launched a project for the sale of cosmetic products Fa, Schauma and Taft in vending machines. Company Schwarzkopf & Henkel has launched a test project in a completely new market for cosmetic Russian sales channel - now the necessary means for daily care of themselves, brands such as Fa, Schauma and Taft, can be purchased at vending machines.

Consumers can purchase care products hair Schauma, means body care Fa and hair styling Taft vending machines, which are installed at Moscow's largest railway stations. This offer is very convenient for travelers who can now easily and quickly reserved cosmetic essentials. Products for hair and body, you can buy literally on the go - on the way to work, home or on a business trip to the country, the cost of purchasing a minimum of time.

 Vending sales cosmetics is becoming more popular in Russia
   Vending machines are installed at the following addresses:

• Kazansky railway station - at the exit
• Yaroslavl station - in the transition to commuter trains and subways
• Kursk railway station - on the ground floor
• Paveletsky Railway Station - on the second floor

 Vending sales cosmetics is becoming more popular in Russia
 The innovative project is the latest step in the company Schwarzkopf & Henkel meet Russian consumers.

Since the beginning of this year, the most notable of similar projects in the world have sales of machines from brands such as The Body Shop and Sephora.

Those who are sometimes in the United States probably have something similar to see. Vending machines from Sephora adorn the airport in Nashville, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Dallas, New York and Houston. Many are attracted by the magnificent design of the device, convenient touch-sensitive menu quality range. A great idea for those who forgot something from cosmetics to take along when traveling or on the road. You can just walk up to the machine and buy a favorite remedy. Naturally, the best-sellers in these "shops" are travel sets cosmetics.

 Vending sales cosmetics is becoming more popular in Russia

By the way, for example, in Japan, vending trade developed very strongly. There you can buy through the machines virtually everything from chewing gum to a pair of underwear.

 Vending sales cosmetics is becoming more popular in Russia
   In Europe, an increasing number of grades, including natural cosmetics also utilize the principles of the vending trade. For example, the British brand The Body Shop has its own branded vending machines for their funds cosmetics. Though earlier it was believed that such trading is suitable only hygiene and disposable.

And you would use vending machines to purchase shampoo or mascara?

Author: Julia Gnedina