Your tasty and vigorous morning
 As a lark, and how lucky unlucky everyone else! - We think in the morning to collect into a fist all his willpower to break away from the pillows and pull the blanket with you. But you need to cheer up not so much - a contrast shower and breakfast. "Friendship" with the habit of eating breakfast is necessary not only to ensure that in a few minutes to recharge your batteries and get to work cheerfully. Morning meal - the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. What should be the right breakfast?

Perfect for a morning recharging - cookies "Jubilee Morning"   from the company "Kraft Foods Rus". Cookies "Jubilee Morning" is made from natural herbs. It is known that grains are a source of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, it charges the body with the necessary energy for the whole morning. But additional ingredients - nuts, honey and cocoa - are doing it again and surprisingly tasty and crunchy.

Due to the unique cookie recipe and a special technology baking cookies in the "Jubilee Morning" saved slow carbohydrates. Assimilating slowly, they provide the energy flow in the body for 4 hours, which was proved in the course of 4 clinical studies in the use of cookies "Jubilee morning" as part of a balanced breakfast.

"There are many facts proving the positive impact on human health breakfast. Breakfast with cookies "Jubilee Morning" - a tasty, proper and convenient alternative to traditional breakfast, "- says Christine Boulet, leading French nutritionist.

Cookies "Jubilee Morning" is available in packs of 300 and '50 with the tastes: multizlakovoe, honey with nuts and cocoa.

 Your tasty and vigorous morning

Tips for the perfect breakfast

1.   The average adult spends approximately 2,000 calories a day. Breakfast should contain about 20-25% of the daily rates of consumption of carbohydrates, which is equivalent to 400 - 500 kcal.
2.   If your body is not ready to eat in the morning, you should at least drink tea or coffee, to avoid dehydration, and watch closely to eat within 2 hours of sleep.
3.   If you do not eat breakfast in the morning, because I did not feel hungry, try dining in the evening as soon as possible.

 Your tasty and vigorous morning

Cookies "Jubilee Morning" offers ideal formula for a balanced breakfast :

• fruit or fruit juice (150 ml) to saturate the body with vitamins;
• Curd or yogurt (200 g) to provide the body with calcium;
• Hot drink to restore the level of the liquid;
• Individual package "Jubilee Morning", which includes the 4 pastry - a necessary portion of carbohydrates.

Invigorates you in the morning!

Author: Julia Gnedina