New Manicure brand
 Andrea Fulerton known guru manicure, nail stylist of many celebrities and stars, has decided to create a product for ordinary mortals. Andrea decided to share with the usual buyers of the fact that it is usually personally prepares his eminent client. Thus was born a whole new line of nail polish.

The line is named Nail Boutique by Andrea Fulerton, these products appear in the September European online stores.

And we are interested in the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAndrea.

The highlight of the collection are two lakes in one. The author suggests using a collection of ready-made pair of colors for a successful image.

 New Manicure brand

More 24 bottles (24 different colors) are named after celebrities with KOTRA Andrea works, and whose color preferences know.

 New Manicure brand

There in her line of products for the French manicure kits, nail polish remover, basecoats, finishing varnishes and oil for nail care.

Author: Julia Gnedina