Seven ways to wear eyeshadow
 It is very difficult every morning to repeat the same familiar procedure - do makeup. You always want to do something in a new way, not as usual. Here's what we think: There are several ways to wear the shade. We found the new seven. Maybe someone knows something else new in this regard. Then read our and offer!

1. Use the shade of the liner.   Apply your usual liner. Then take a thin brush for shadows or brow brush. Wet the brush and take the shade. Place directly on top of the shadow of the ship, as well as in the corners of the eyes. The new chic look! If you are brave enough - try to do it with light shades of shadows. Cool looks bright fuchsia or lime green - it's a lot of fun for parties!

2. Brightening ! Take any metallic shade, and shade the inner corner of the eye near the nose, and just below the eyebrow. Color in this century can be any, and can do without in order to paint the eyelids.

3. At the maximum.   Try putting a new shade. Nakraste not only the mobile eyelid. Pick any color shadows and cover the entire surface of the eye contour to the eyebrows. The same force without shading. It turns out the image of a modern fall!

4. Three Colors . You can try to diversify the makeup, using just three shades of shadows. You can buy ready-made triple mosaic, but you can try most anything skreativit. The lightest shade put on the entire eyelid from lash line to brow. Hue chet darker set only moving part of the century, and the darkest - the deepest fold.

5. Two colors . You can make this work to do: put a lighter shade under the brow and in the inner corners of the eyes, and darker - on the movable part of the century.

6. Experiment with the technique of drawing . Today, put the shadows applicator dry tomorrow - wet, and the next day try the same shade put over the tonal framework.

7. Rest of the shadows.   Arrange a day without shadows. Many women are surprised, in fact they look nice leather century. And it's one more way!

 Seven ways to wear eyeshadow

Author: Julia Gnedina