Antibacterial trimmer for men by Remington
 The desire to get rid of extra hairs long been concerned about not only the beautiful half of humanity, but also the stronger sex. Thus, the majority of men are actively combating excessive vegetation in the nose and ears. But experts do not recommend to pull out or pull out hair from these areas, since they are a large number of nerve endings.

Of course, if we are talking about a few hairs you can pluck them carefully with tweezers. But the safest method of hair removal in tight areas and provide a hygienic trimmer. It guarantees easy removal of unwanted hair in the nose and ears without injury.

New hygienic trimmer NE3450   from Remington   It will delight even the most experienced man's speed, ease and precision. Vertical trimmer blades with bi-directional, and antibacterial body wash contains nanosilver technology that resists bacteria and reduces skin irritation. Comfort trim technology contributes absolutely pure and safe use. The kit includes a rotary nozzle for the nose and ears, and two vertical guides the nozzle - combs.

 Antibacterial trimmer for men by Remington


• Anti-bacterial body with nanosilver for clean trimming
• Vertical trimmer blades and bi-directional flushing technology
Technology • Comfort trim - for a clean and safe use of
• Vertical guides the nozzle-combs
• Rotary attachment for nose and ears
• Can be used in the shower
• Loop for hanging
• Battery operation 1 x AA (included)

Price: 790 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova