NEW: Iris moisturizing mask from Weleda
 The French say that there are no ugly women, there are women with bad skin. To skin was fresh and healthy, it is necessary to maintain its natural balance. This is important at any age, and the sooner you begin to care for their skin, the longer it will prolong the youth and radiance. Today we present a novelty Russian market - Iris hydrating mask for the face.

The problem of oily skin.   Quite often, holders of fatty skin type, trying to get rid of a particular shine, try to "degrease" strong skin cleansers. However, substances found in cosmetics such, affect the sebaceous glands and the result is just the opposite: the skin must be restored to her usual "normal" disharmony and this activity of sebaceous glands at times increases. This stress skin needs an internal impulses that activate the processes of self-regulation in the glands and the whole process of the normalization of fat metabolism and moisture. It is designed to solve these problems Weleda Iris refreshing line Created specifically for young skin is particularly susceptible to fat. Series products restore skin's natural ability to self-regulation and help it to restore and maintain the natural hydro-lipid balance.

Iris.   The composition of Weleda refreshing line for young skin care includes extract of the roots of the German iris, which has similar with healthy skin ability to retain moisture and regulate the exchange of body fluids. Especially for Weleda flower grown biodynamic method in organic farm in the mountains of the Atlas (Morocco). This project has a resource including a great social importance: thus provide jobs for the rural population.

NEW! Iris refreshing moisturizing mask - the novelty of the Russian market. Intensive care for dehydrated skin. Mask intensive care for a long time and moisturizes the skin. Carefully selected cosmetic composition, which comprises herbal extracts of cucumber, German iris root and birch, the most valuable almond oil, jojoba oil, regulates fat and moisture balance of the skin, strengthens and provides detoxification and anti-inflammatory effect on young skin. The composition of a mixture of natural essential oils creates a clear light fragrance and carefully restores the vitality of the skin. You instantly feel the effect of Refreshing moisturizing mask:   the skin will be much more rested, hydrated and smooth.

 NEW: Iris moisturizing mask from Weleda

Mode of application.   Once or twice a week, evenly apply a thin layer of 1-2 mm Weleda Iris mask   on the pre-cleansed face and neck (avoid contact with lips and skin around the eyes). After 15-30 minutes, remove the mask or wet cloth cosmetic cotton pad. Remains remove with warm water, then gently wipe the skin dry. During the procedure, the mask does not harden, so there is no unpleasant sensation of tightness.

Composition.   Water, glycerol, alcohol, witch hazel distillate, almond oil, glycerides of fatty acids, lysolecithin, jojoba oil, alginate, cucumber extracts, iris rhizomes and German bark, white clay, a mixture of natural essential oils.
Recommended price: 690 rubles. (30 ml)

Author: Anna Shustrova