Potted flowers as a hobby
 Breeding plants indoors is a good idea for the flower growers, who are engaged in gardening year round climate does not allow. In the process of domestication of plants on the market represented a great many varieties and varieties of indoor plants.

Due to the fact that the room is not the natural habitat of plants to their full development should create certain conditions. Professional growers grow their wards in special greenhouses and rooms equipped with a variety of resources and tools to care for them. If the breeding of indoor plants is not a profession, it is suitable for their regular room.

Indoor plants can be divided into three groups: Decorative leef - plants, which are the main advantage of the leaves and the overall decorative appearance. The leaves may have a different color, shape, size and have an interesting texture and coating. Decorative leef plants may bloom, but the flowers they are not significant in comparison with the beauty of the leaves.

Dekorativnotsvetuschie - the most extensive group of houseplants, all year round has an attractive appearance. Flowering can last from several days to several months, some of these plants bloom almost all year. Dekorativnotsvetuschie potted plants are highly decorative only in the flowering period.

 Potted flowers as a hobby

Consider the plants, different in appearance and the conditions of their detention .  Succulents - plants that accumulate in their tissues and the supply of water can exist without it for a long time .  These plants are Crassula, most cacti, aloe .  Bromeliads - family of monocots .  Leaves are a tight rosette, which are the perfect decorative element .  Care bromeliads simple, however, to achieve flowering requires a high temperature .  Representatives pineapple bilbergiya, ehmeya .  Orchids - quite extensive family of monocots .  The plant has gained immense popularity among gardeners because of the beautiful flowers that have a huge number of unusual colors .  For the full development and blossom, orchid should receive a large amount of light .  Palm - woody plants monocots straight trunk and freely hanging large leaves thickened, straight or feathery .  Bulbous plants are thickened rhizome with fleshy scales, is a dense onion .  These plants are very decorative and require specific care .  Representatives bulb: hyacinth, lily, Crinum and other .  Fern - vascular plants have a large number of varieties, with a variety of leaves and textures .  Shade plant, loving well-moistened areas . 

 Potted flowers as a hobby

For the successful development and growth of indoor plants should carefully examine each type. Most plants love sunlight, but there are shade-loving plants for which the sun's rays are harmful. Humidification plants is also very important point, and requires detailed study. For a normal process of life, plants also need regular fertilizing fertilizers, lack and excess of which can affect a change in the appearance of the plant. After studying the breeding methods or those and other plants on your windowsill, you may receive a real greenhouse.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Kyra Vinogradov, designer