Summer treats inspired tea
 In the summer of 2013 tearoom "Chocolate company" invites to estimate the original cake, created after the "dessert" of novelties tea Lipton.

Summer - it's time to pamper yourself with exquisite culinary treats in a cozy confectionary! Now lovers of sweet joys there is another reason to visit the cafe "A chocolate company" (ul. Pokrovka Str. 40) Where from July to mid-August 2013 * served delicious desserts prepared based on aromatic tea novelties Lipton. The inspiration for the creation of small masterpieces of confectionary art served two kinds of tea: Lipton Black Tea Blueberry Muffin   (black tea flavored blueberry cake) and Lipton Green Tea Strawberry Cake   (green tea with taste of strawberry cake).

The new desserts "Chocolate company"   embodied delicious harmony of form and content. Treats eye-catchers because they are baked in the form of fine tea cups and decorated with colored spaghetti and marshmallows. And having tried them, you can make sure that delicate blueberry muffins and melting in the mouth of strawberry cake have a bright recognizable taste of tea Lipton Black Tea Blueberry Muffin   and Lipton Green Tea Strawberry Cake . Enjoy your favorite tea flavor in a new form of summer treats!

 Summer treats inspired tea

Tea Lipton Black Tea Blueberry Muffin   - A combination of selected black tea leaves with ripe blueberries, bear the inimitable taste and seductive aroma of blueberry cake. A blend Lipton Green Tea Strawberry Cake Including carefully collected green tea leaves and large pieces of juicy strawberries, it has a light delicate flavor and inviting aroma of strawberry cake. All the splendor of flavors and aroma of sweet desserts disclosed during welding due to the free space inside the bags, pyramids. Lipton with flavors of berry desserts pyramids: so delicious that I want to eat!

* Detailed information on the timing, cost and other terms of offers - from the waiters in the cafe menu "Chocolate company."

Author: Anna Shustrova