Perfectly well-groomed skin, along with an updated collection of OLAY Complete
 In anticipation of the hot and full highlights of the summer OLAY become the founder of a new current trend of the season - now every girl can look like a real movie star with a flawless, radiant, moisturized skin at any time of the day - in the morning immediately after waking, and late in the evening, after a difficult and saturated with various events of the day! And the main trend-setters of the season on the right becomes the means to care for skin of the updated collection OLAY Essentials Complete new attractive packaging

OLAY Essentials Complete Collection contains everything you need to skin of the face in order to always stay fresh and beautiful. Funds from this collection have a triple effect - providing 24 hour hydration, nourish the skin due Multivitamin Complex and protect it from UV rays, which are a particular danger to the skin in the hot summer - in fact 90% of signs of skin aging is caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Day OLAY Essentials Complete   It provides a wide range of protection against UVA and UVB-radiation. Thanks to its light texture it is perfectly absorbed and the absorbent glycerin, which is part of the cream allows the skin to retain moisture up to 24 hours. In addition, the cream formula includes provitamin B5, and vitamin B3, which nourish the skin, and the antioxidant - vitamin E. Day cream triple action Olay Essentials Complete - an ideal combination of skin care during the day and optimum protection from UV rays.

Day Cream OLAY Essentials Complete for sensitive skin   - Moisturizer without fragrance and dyes, particularly well suited to owners of dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Cream fight at once with three problems - has a soothing effect on the skin, it gently moisturizes, removes dryness and flaking for 24 hours and protects against UV rays and nourishes using vitamin complex OLAY.

Night Cream OLAY Essentials Complete   It continues to take care of your skin while you sleep. With it, the skin shines with health and looks great in 5 days after the start of its use. Like all tools series OLAY Essentials Complete, night cream works effectively on three fronts - hydration (skin is really moist up to 24 hours), nutrition and protection (due to the higher concentration of vitamin B3 and provitamin B5, and of antioxidant - vitamin E, which provide the skin with essential nutrients and protect it from premature aging).

 Perfectly well-groomed skin, along with an updated collection of OLAY Complete

Emulsion OLAY Essentials Complete   - A moisturizing ultra light vehicle suitable for everyday use and designed specifically to give your skin all the necessary and maintain a healthy appearance. The emulsion contains moisturizing and nourishing complex OLAY, which operates non-stop for 24 hours. Protective filters UV SPF15 cherish your skin from direct sunlight, and Multivitamin Complex is an antioxidant and prevents premature aging of the skin. In addition, the emulsion triple action Complete with UV filters perfectly absorbed, has a non-greasy formula and does not clog pores, which is especially important in hot weather.

Day cream and emulsion spectral action with UV filters "radiance"   not only moisturize, nourish and protect your skin, but give it a terrific shine. A unique complex of "healthy glow" with a tangerine extract containing hesperidin (vitamin P), and natural light-reflecting particles instantly awakens the skin, giving it a unique freshness and filling it with the energy inside. As with all media lines Complete by OLAY Essentials, a part of creams and emulsions "radiance" includes all the necessary ingredients for a complete skin care: moisturizing complex, antioxidant - vitamin E, vitaminB3 and provitamin B5, and filters a wide range of protection SPF15 .

Moisturizing Cream OLAY Essentials Complete «even tone," with a slight effect tonal framework Max Factor   - It is a unique moisturizer with effect tinting bases, available in two versions - for dark and medium skin tones. The cream provides intense skin hydration up to 24 hours and immediately hide its imperfections. Multivitamin Complex (vitamin B3, pro-vitamin B5, and an antioxidant - vitamin E) nourishes the skin, and UV filters are broad-spectrum SPF of 15 helps protect skin from harmful sun rays of type A and B. The Cream OLAY Essentials Complete falls perfectly even tone to the skin, has light texture and does not clog pores.

Funds from the collection OLAY Essentials Complete fit for any girl who strives to look attractive at any time of the day, and able to withstand any test - even those who are daily exposed skin of the face of this "star" of girls. Participants movie marathon «OLAY 24 hours" - messenger of Olay beauty Vilkova Catherine and her friends, received a gift from the updated collection means OLAY Essentials Complete, to try them and share your opinions.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila