Captivating trail of temptation with body lotion Zerlina Dubois from Camay
 Intriguing seductress, surrounded by an aura of elusive due to the easy temptation to loop heady fragrance with notes of sandalwood. It was a woman captivates each of its feature not go unnoticed in any social event, inspires, delights and fascinates. Especially for her Camay is a moisturizing lotion Zerlina Dubois collection

Refined and luxurious, woman-muse-style Zerlina Dubois epitomizes enchanting beauty in every detail of his image. The fragrance collection was created by a talented woman perfumer Zerlina Dubois, which gave him a song worthy of the most exquisite perfume. The aroma of tart sandalwood, amber and musk fragrance collection Zerlina Dubois from Camay fascinates and enchants. The heart of the fragrance reveals a delicate floral haze of freesia, tuberose, jasmine, rose and violet, underlining the fragility and elusiveness of the female nature. The top notes of this fragrance fragrance balance Zerlina Dubois juicy summer fresh pears and melon.

 Captivating trail of temptation with body lotion Zerlina Dubois from Camay

Body lotion with the unique aroma envelops the skin soft golden haze and gives it shine. It effectively moisturizes the skin, which remains soft attractive for 24 hours after application.

In addition to body lotion Zerlina Dubois collection includes a range of deodorants, presenting the protection of women's attractiveness to 48 hours, as well as shower gel and soap, which gently cleanse and care for skin. All funds have a delicate collection of exquisite fragrance perfumer Zerlina Dubois.

Popstars any social event with Zerlina Dubois, because with it each of your access to the light - an event worthy of the flashes of cameras, the spotlight and the attention of others!

Samay. Captivates every feature.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila