Invented device ideal pickup tint tone tools
 One of the greatest challenges in the make-up is the selection of a suitable color tone means. Even professional make-up artists sometimes make mistakes, and not the first time can recommend the right tool. But it seems that for some, this problem has ceased to exist.

It is a client stores Sephora. Soon there will appear the device recognizes the color of the skin and encourages the desired shades. They are created in collaboration with Pantone Universe (a recognized authority in the field of color). July 26 the presentation of the revolutionary trends.

Every girl knows how difficult it is to choose the right tone. There are so many shades, formulas and dosage forms. Why is it so hard to find one that is right for you? Choosing a tonal basis, it is important to consider your skin type and the type of coverage that you need. For most women find a tonal framework remains the most difficult when they shop alone.

 Invented device ideal pickup tint tone tools

The device Sephora + Pantone Universe Color IQ scans the surface of the skin of the client, analyzes the tone and color of the skin. Leather fixed in three areas of the face, and the average value is detected. Next colorimeter analyzes more than 1,000 kinds of different tonal funds sold in Sephora, and selects the most appropriate. The device does not consider age spots, acne, imperfections, which often distorts the actual skin tone.

 Invented device ideal pickup tint tone tools
The collection device 110 different skin tones

While the device shown in Sephora stores in the United States.

Author: Julia Gnedina