MAC Cosmetics will make a collection dedicated to Carine Roitfeld
 Who is she? Former editor of Paris Vogue, led the magazine for 10 years. Karin has left his post last year. But fashion is not gone. It announced its own magazine about high fashion, but also the book, which is written in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld. The book was published in March 2012.

Carine Roitfeld is actively involved in creating names makeup collection from MAC. She delves into the design and packaging, and the name of the products of creativity on the color palette. Collection of M • A • C Carine Roitfeld includes 20 makeup products, with emphasis on the eyes and eyebrows. Makeup artists believe that it is recognizable style make-up of the famous French: smoky look, accented eyebrows and lips nude.

The collection will be released in autumn 2012. Promotional photos makes the famous Italian photographer Mario Sorrenti (a close friend of Kate Moss and photographer last calendar Pirelli).

 MAC Cosmetics will make a collection dedicated to Carine Roitfeld

Groupie Karin and MAC cosmetics will wait for the new products, and for the rest of the news - a good occasion to remember one interview with Karin. This frank discussion was held on the pages of the magazine METRO, and talked with former French Vogue redaktrisoy guest editor Karl Lagerfeld.

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Karin fondly talks about his long friendship with the guru of haute couture:
We Karl never forget our first meeting. He invited me to dinner, and I thought, "Oh la la! What do I talk to Carl?". He is such an amazing and knows many languages. I was very hesitant, but everything was fun and very easy. My father grew up in Germany, and Karl gladly spoke about the German singer, whom the Pope loved. Carl knows quite seriously about everything.

In addition Roitfeld and Karl Lagerfeld friendship links the work on the joint book, for which all sorts of people posing in classic black jacket Chanel.
We just finished. I wore all of these people in the jacket Chanel, sometimes too much, sometimes too little: Anna Wintour, Sarah Jessica Parker and many others, even a year-old girl. The book will be released in March.

About Russian roots
I often cry. I think this is due to the fact that in my Russian blood flowing. I am a very emotional person.

About Porn
I do not want to be labeled, which I have imposed 30 years ago. Everyone says that I'm the queen of porno chic, and I want to be smart, irreverent and special, but nothing to do with porn is not available.

A new magazine
It will be released in September. It's hard - work on another magazine after Vogue for far less money. So I want to do something else. I want to be Joan of Arc of the fashion world. I want to be a link between the podium and the real women.

About Vogue Paris
I do not read Vogue Paris, honestly. I want to take a break. It's like when you get divorced and do not want to go back. And we also do not have children together, so ...

 MAC Cosmetics will make a collection dedicated to Carine Roitfeld
Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld

Author: Julia Gnedina