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Spring is gaining momentum, opening up new temptations, pleasing warmth and birdsong. The most experienced early start to make plans for the summer holidays, thereby activating the lost winter emotions. Beauty mom will certainly try to update your wardrobe, and their little girl did not lag behind in anything, and because they want to be as fashionable and beautiful. Is this the case of compromise or still not worth it to go on about and buy their own makeup. What a bliss!

Well, we remind you that in addition to your favorite March 8 spring we like to make fun of each other sisters in April Fool's Day . No non-binding holiday brings mutual fun. The day before the funniest actor of our platform Alexander Peskov   seriously he told us about the rules of parenting, and in general about what it is - to be a human occasion. Star parents, life and activity is connected with humor, and told us funny jokes about how you can joke with the kids. And further! How not to look at such a happy day theater-studio "Jumble" Where the April mood hovers twelve months of the year.

One of the pleasant surprises this time was the visit to the capital hospital №20 . This luxurious mansion is all less like a typical hospital, there are heartily glad to meet you. I am pleased to tell you about the details.

Well, as someone who has already received his coveted kulechek at the hospital advised us to look into the rating categories. We will tell about the best studios of children's interiors And professionals to help provide for your wishes and possibilities, taking into account age, gender and others. Features of your children.

Well, absolutely not joking, ahead of us Holy Sunday . Worthy help us meet him popular TV presenter Elena Chekalova . Already on her taste and the experience you can rely on and be sure that your cake and Easter are the most delicious. Happinnes exists!

Also in this issue:   Consultation obstetrician-gynecologist, a lawyer, a pediatrician, an overview of the shops, the Internet site of exhibition, company news, events, opinion column, hits sales.

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Author: Julia Gnedina