Manicurist office!
 American beauty salons master new kinds of services, including manicures with supply to office.

For example, the New York salon Manicube take collective application for a manicure. At the appointed time, the manicurist to come to your office and make every wish (and can, and boss) manicure. Just be sure to call in the order, which the master lacquer shades should take with you.

Quite important for busy women - do manicure on the job. Not only the stars and VIP guests are invited to imagine the masters at home!

By the way, despite the fact that the fashion ideas for colorful nails, and producers do not get tired to amaze with new textures paints - according to interior Manicube, business women often choose to do in the office of the French manicure.

Or maybe, I proposed this idea to their boss? Suddenly they will support us, and then we will save a lot of time! You will only find a good manicurist.

Author: Julia Gnedina