Kate Moss launches in October, their line of jewelry
 Kate Moss, the supermodel and successful woman can no longer be satisfied with the cooperation with the brands of clothing and cosmetics. Now she takes a new height - released under his own name collection of jewelry.

The debut is scheduled for October 1st. The first collection of jewelry from Moss to create a model in collaboration with the brand Fred.

Subject to design jewelry was chosen unexpected - 22 articles of the new collection created based on numerous tattoos on the body of the model. Thus, buyers can find necklaces and bracelets as anchors, stars, hearts, crescent - all of these elements will be reminded of the tattoo Moss.

Material for jewelry - gold and precious stones. Gizmos - not cheap. For example, the ring will cost about 350 euros, and a necklace with diamonds and rubies - 35 000 euros.

The collection of ornaments from Kate Moss and Fred will be showcased for the first time on October 1 at the store Harrods, as well as the online store of the brand Fred.

 Kate Moss launches in October, their line of jewelry
Tattoos in the form of an anchor on the arm of Kate Moss in the advertising poster of the new collection in the form of jewelry

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina