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Jasmine: how to raise knight
Last summer an unprecedented scale took place the awarding of "Mother of the Year". Star moms during the ceremony cheerful literally glowed with happiness, because they handed out awards own children. The son of popular singer Jasmine admitted his young mother "the most refined." Moved singer received a statuette, said proudly: "Misha - a true knight! It grows the way I did and wanted to raise. " A few months later we were able to have a conversation with Jasmine and learn first-hand details of the "educational work" with his son.

With tummy on Fitness
You went in the III trimester of pregnancy. Does this mean it's time to leave your favorite gym? Not at all. Knowing the basic rules, it is possible to prolong the pleasure of exercise.

Maternity hospital number 20: Tradition and Innovation
Each of the houses, as well as every person has his own destiny. Sometimes, it turns to be rather unusual. Thus, for example, happened to the capital's maternity hospital № 20. From the previous model of the building after renovation it turned into a luxurious mansion unusual architecture. However, the reconstruction lasted 9 long years, but now everything here is new, modern, impeccably: the equipment, and the House, and cabinets, and even dining.

Stars on the topic. The first money
The topic of money at all times was almost the most important, relevant and sore. This is not surprising, because we live in a materialistic world where children begin to grow up, to earn their first money and realize the importance of valuable papers very early. On his first working weekdays, first fee and the first purchase of our readers are ready to tell the stars.

Water Treatments
Clean - the guarantee of health. Therefore, each parent needs to master the skills of bathing the baby. Fortunately, sank into oblivion a time when the arsenal of mothers and fathers were only Vaseline and powder dusting. Modern cosmetic palette child caring and therapeutic tools, which includes often unique components able to maintain the health of children's skin, diaper rash win, diaper and atopic dermatitis.

Yekaterina Volkova: No limit to perfection
What is it - to be a wife and mother, a popular actress Yekaterina Volkova first learned on the set of the series "Voronin". After giving birth to daughter Lisa spring, the experience she gladly began to translate in real life. We decided to find out, with whose help Katya cope with raising the baby and what modern accessories to help it fulfill the role of a perfect mother.

Moscow Planetarium
Stars interested and fascinated people at all times. In ancient times, they were maps, helping to predict future events and global measure of time. It took many, many thousands of years, and is now using the latest technology, you can easily be on another planet, in the smallest details to consider, for example, the famous Southern Cross, or to see for themselves that the Earth revolves around the sun. Believe me, it's not a dream!

Why do children like to advertise?
Harmful whether advertising? Experts believe that the detrimental as much as, in principle, all the harmful excessive. The habit of eating in front of TV (and even indiscriminately all that tout) leads to gastritis. The habit of sitting close to the screen interferes with vision. Convenience watching TV instead of outdoor games uniquely nepolezen growing organism. So why children are so susceptible to commercials and prefer them to any other entertainment?

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Author: Julia Gnedina