Competition "Whether there is happiness female"
 How often pronounced wanting good woman or a girl, "And, most importantly, a simple female happiness." But really, if it happens - only a woman's happiness? How we differ from men the happiness we have some special? Why is a "women's happiness" refers to the family, children, husband. And almost never happiness is not called self-realization, career success is a woman ... Anyway what - even embroidery. Let's think about this topic?

Diana Mashkov, each of his new novel proving that persistence and work opens a direct way to the cherished dream, is to the readers his new book "Love triangle".

Take part in the competition, "Does it ever female happiness? " which holds a popular writer Diana Mashkov and win prizes:

  The winner, whose essays will be the most exciting and full of revealing subjects receive from Diana Mashkov and publishing house "Eksmo" bed linen * and novelty Mashkova Diana "Love triangle". Competition "Whether there is happiness female"

Author, runner-up will be awarded a set of towels and a book * Diana Mashkova "Love triangle". Competition "Whether there is happiness female"

The following three members, whose will be exciting, will receive a free book Mashkova Diana "Love triangle". Competition "Whether there is happiness female"

Events in the lives of the characters unfold against the backdrop of the overall work, which has become the main source of income and, and problems in the young family of light and Sergei.
  According to Diana Mashkova, business competition between spouses - one of the distinguishing marks of our time. This phenomenon is more common in families where the husband and wife working in the same company or just take the same high positions in different locations. Ambitions tend to go beyond common sense, and then the tragedy is inevitable. That is what happened in the life of Svetlana and Sergei riteylerskie control of a major company. Because of the desire to help her husband Svetlana began to delve deeper into the problems of the company and was surprised to find that coping with them is much more effective Sergei. Payment for this discovery was the humiliation and loneliness.

  Family or career? Universal acceptance or personal happiness? Competition or self-sacrifice? I always have to choose one thing or between these poles still healthy compromise possible? The heroes of the book to answer these questions in their own way and to fully enjoy the consequences of different choices.

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