Why nails turn yellow?
 Well-groomed hands with a nice manicure - a continuation of the natural beauty of each woman. And fashionable colors only accentuate your attractiveness. The trend this summer - bright acid colors. Also particularly impressive look bright shades of lacquer, which favorably emphasize tan. But very often it can be seen as nails lacquered yellow. What is the cause and how to fix it?

A typical bright yellowness comes from non-tech manicure when the varnish is applied directly to the nail plate, not on the base. Our nails are covered with a thin invisible film of fat that protects them from aggressive external environment, whether it's color pigments nail polish, household chemicals or hard surfaces.

"Very often, the nails turn yellow from exposure to so-called" big three "- toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate   - Components contained in the low-quality decorative lacquers, - the head and driving instructor Centre GranVie Svetlana Fefelova.   - And in the summer to these factors added to the UV rays are just as damaging to the nails, as well as on the skin, but the skin we protect special means, and forget about manicure. "

If you find yourself in similar symptoms, how to act? To restore the natural nails pale pink color, you need to gently remove the top layer with the help of a professional polishing sawing.

 Why nails turn yellow?
   "Before the procedure to make good bath of lemon juice, just to keep her fingers should be short-lived, fruit acids rather aggressive" - ​​advises Svetlana Fefelova. - And, of course, you need to take it a rule to always apply the basis for manicures and use funds with protection against UV rays. I recommend to pay attention to novelties from INM: Total Eclipse   UV protection, and a new base Milky Bond   forms a strong and flexible silicone film, which prevents mechanical damage and destruction of the nail varnish. "

These funds will help to prolong the beauty manicure and effectively protect nails from yellowing and keeps perfect shape of your nails, even in an active solar period.

Author: Julia Gnedina