Women who drink coffee are less prone to depression
 Scientists believe that caffeine acts as an antidepressant pill. And if one cup of coffee in the morning is able to cheer up and help to wake up, a few cups of coffee a day have a more serious effect on mood and well-being.

It turns out that women who drink a day 4 or more cups of coffee, 20% lower susceptibility to depression. But a more modest number of cups a day, also acts as an antidepressant. If a woman drinks 2-3 cups of coffee daily, the risk of being depressed is reduced by 15%.

The study was conducted by scientists at Harvard University, it involved 51 000 women. As for the men, for their effect on coffee comparable to that obtained, but in this study was not considered.

The basis of scientific evidence is the fact that the effect of caffeine is same as antidepressants. That is, it stops the production of certain hormones that accompany depression. At the same time, coffee yields more energy for a long time, provides a feeling of well-being and good mood.

But scientists warn that decaffeinated coffee does not give the same result.

Based on new studies, coffee can be part of the prevention and treatment of depressive states.

Other studies have previously confirmed that women are now 2 times more likely to suffer from depression than 40 years ago. This is attributed to the changing role of women in society, is now the weaker sex more often directly manages family and career.

However, it should be noted and the side effects from the consumption of coffee. This is not only an increase in blood pressure. For pregnant women, it is recommended to drink no more than 2 cups a day to reduce the chance of miscarriage or reduce the risks of low birth weight.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina