Conceptual artist created the spirits of their urine
 Perfume with the smell of blood - this we have seen, but with the smell of urine ... uh ... !!!! That is precisely this has not happened. But these spirits appeared. Moreover, its creator hopes the popularity of his creation and excitement among the fans.

Author of the idea - a bold conceptual artist Cherry Tree. The girl - a supporter of the so-called waste-free lifestyle and trying to process everything that surrounds it, thereby helping the planet's ecology. And one day she thought that her own urine and can be successfully used.

Cherry made the first time the unique perfume in 2006. "It was the first morning after the full moon, and I decided to collect some urine in a bottle."

The concept is that the perfume is necessary only the urine after the full moon. "I was fascinated with the way the smell varies depending on what you eat," - says the author. "For example, a very nice smell after you eat honey, and just terrible after eating chicken."

Cherry Tree in no way embarrassed by the idea of ​​using urine for her perfume. She recalled that there are certain types of musks, which, for example, extracted from a gland located at the genitals of a deer.

It is not known what the artist hoped that his idea was going to put up for sale. Because the first batch of such unusual spirits failed miserably. But not because of the smell turned bad - says the girl. "Just the smell was a bit of chocolate, probably because I was drinking a lot of coffee." Liquids began to deteriorate very rapidly, and Cherry was forced to throw them away.

Bold artist still believes that her idea will be tenacious. She constantly experiments in this direction. Even I tried to process a urine twice to make the smell of the most creative.

Three dream that one day, when her creations will go to the people. "I would have sold its bottles in small quantities, or to propose to do urine odors from the customer." But the main idea is still to live without waste and use all the waste products to the maximum.

 Conceptual artist created the spirits of their urine

Would you dare to try these spirits?

Author: Julia Gnedina